Thursday, September 6, 2012

Let's find Derek a CebuANNA!

Admit it. Who hasn't LSS'd on that Anna Banana song? For those who have been hiding under a rock, let me share with you a love story.

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Derek who was so in love with a girl named Anna that he poured his heart out to her in public by making this video for her.

All together now.... Awwwww.... Seriously, how cute is that??? Puppy love rocks.

But then, Anna Banana finally gave him her, errrr, not so sweet reply.

In public no less. How heartbreaking is that??? Boooo.

Well you know what we can do right? Let's find Derek a new CebuANNA!

If you have daughters, nieces, neighbors or know any cool, awesome girls 12-16 years of age interested in starring in the next PLDT myDSL commercial then they can be Derek’s new 'CebuANNA'.  Cheer Derek up by singing, dancing or doing anything creative and upload your video to Full details and mechanics can be found on that site too.

For faster video uploading, make sure that you’re on PLDT myDSL which guarantees speeds of up to 10mbps. What’s more, the PLDT myDSL plan 1299 is now at 1 mbps.  Upgrade your Plan 990 to Plan 1299 so you can get 3x faster speed.

Here is how Derek (and his whole family!) found out he got rejected. *sniff* 

So will this story have a happy ever after? Let's wait for the next chapter.

On another note, here is how I see myself in the near future. Total stage mommy to M.

So good luck to the "Annas" in his future. I will hunt you down.

Friday, August 31, 2012

My Breastfeeding Journey

I have long wanted to write about my breastfeeding experience but life got in the way. In celebration however of World Breastfeeding Week (update: okay, I started this before August and never got around to finishing it - story of my blogging life - but since it technically still is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month here in the Philippines, you know what they say right, better late than never), I am finding the time to buckle down (read: blog when the baby's asleep using an iPhone in the middle of the night) and share my journey.

(click on read more)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The ABCs

Mama: Say apple
M: Ahh-pull
Mama: Ball
M: Bol
Mama: Cat
M: aht
Mama: Car
M: Cawh
Mama: Dog...

M: Arf! Arf!

Such a laugh trip. It's really about the simple joys. M now interacts a lot more at 15 months. He mimics a lot and just really entertains us to no end. (click read more)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Call Me Maybe Introducing.....

*To full enjoy the video below, please allow to stream fully before pressing play.

Here's a weekend treat! First there was Bieber and friends, then the Harvard Baseball Team, the Abercrombie & Fitch boys and now introducing... (click on read more)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Throwback Tuesday: Singapore Lah!

Wrote this in 2007. Thought I would repost and share here and also since I have not had time at all to update this blog. Singapore has changed a lot since then. I look forward to the day we rediscover it.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Edu and I finally went on our first (well-deserved!) vacay since the wedding. A mini-honeymoon of sorts. It was a coin toss between HK or Singapore but since I've never been to Singapore, the wanderlust in me gravitated more towards the latter.

Singapore may be very tourist-y and lacking in individual identity and culture due to its multi-racial nature, but what it lacks it definitely makes up for with its modernity -- all in all, it made for a fuss-free experience that was worth the while.

This cosmopolitan city felt like a mini- U.S. but only three hours away. (Window) shopping was great as everyone knows. It's not known as the shopping capital of Asia for nothing. It is also a melting pot of cultures -- I mean this is a country where you have a Little India, a Chinatown and even a center in the middle of Orchard Road called Lucky Plaza where the Filipinos converge. Everywhere you look you see different faces belonging to a myriad of nationalities just milling about. Since there was no real culture to immerse ourselves in really--no we did not take one of those run-of-the-mill tours--we couldn't avoid the usual tourist traps simply coz it was the tourist-y thing to do, although you'd be surprised most locals haven't even been to the Night Safari. We asked one cab driver-- who was an engineer by profession and has travelled extensively-- what Singapore's greatest resource was. His answer: their brain. One look around this insanely sanitized thriving albeit tiny island city state, with their advanced infrastructure and impressively disciplined denizens (strictly no smoking in public places; have a look at their cigarette packs in the photos below) and we couldn't agree more.

One thing I was so amazed about was their efficient public transport system-- the MRT. Much like Japan's but in English so that made the world of difference. It was soooo easy and convenient to get around that I always looked forward to conquering the MRT ticket machine and hopping on board those nifty trains. Call me shallow but I couldn't really care less :-p It was fascinating. Now if only Cebu had those..oh well, I'll take the fifth on that.

Going back to our adventures, although we didn't really go off the beaten track, we did try to up the thrill factor by going one extra step beyond the usual things to do. Reverse bungee jumping anyone? I'd post the video but I'd have to kill you after haha. Instead of the usual Sentosa Underwater World Experience, we went the extra mile and dove with the sharks and rays. Now even if we were technically in an 83-meter tank, talk about living your life in a fish bowl, where else can you cuddle with leopard sharks the way you'd snuggle with your dog, pet whitetip reef sharks and feed the manta, eagle and stingrays, guaranteed and all in one day. Now that was what you'd call the ultimate underwater experience and the highlight of our trip!-- my mind's happy place where I can go back to over and over again when need be.

On to the night life: It was awesome so say the very least. Now that's what you call super-clubbing! An ordinary Thursday in Ministry was like your ultra-packed, special event weekend in Cebu. And Zouk was a dream! With Peter Hook of New Order and THE Paul Van Dyk as guest djs for the weekend, we couldn't ask for more. Well worth the 30 minute queue and SD$35. Van Dyk kept the crowd jumping non-stop till past 5 a.m.

Sunday was Gmax day. Think reverse bungee jumping at 200 kph. More than enough to turn your insides out but an experience you have to try once in this lifetime. Twas the perfect way to cap off a sensational Singapore trip! :-)

Till our next meandering experience.

(originally posted September 4, 2007)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Celebrate Independence and Liberate Your Feet with the Havaianas Filipinas 2012 Collection

The Havaianas Filipinas collection is always one of the most awaited styles every year and having the 2012 edition on one's feet definitely speaks volumes about patriotic fashionalism and makes one stand prouder.

The world's best flip flops brand takes fun and fashionable a step further (pun intended of course) with its 'Liberate Your Feet' campaign to further spread and share national pride using Instagram and Twitter. Now this got me all giddy, being a big IG user (@jajarama). 50 lucky snap-happy Havaianaticos stand to win their very own pair of Havaianas Filipinas.

Draw dates are on June 15, June 22 and June 28.

HAVAIANAS “Liberate Your Feet” campaign
Win your very own special pair from the Havaianas Filipinas collection
Ongoing until June 27

In keeping with its fun fashion credo, Havaianas Philippines is also spearheading the Liberate Your Feet” campaign for the Filipinas collection as a way of going further in sharing national pride.
By taking photos of the Filipinas posters in all All Flip-Flops stores, these will serve as raffle entries and 50 lucky winners will stand a chance to receive their very own special pair from the Filipinas collection along with a gift box with a personal note. Promo is open to Philippine residents who are 15 to 45 years old who have both Instagram and Twitter accounts that are visible to the public, and who follow the Havaianas Philippines official Twitter account (  In Cebu, contestants must go to All Flip-Flops SM or Ayala, take a photo via Instagram of the official Filipinas poster. In order for the entry to qualify, the Instagram photo must clearly and visibly contain a) the Havaianas logo b) the Filipinas pair in the same frame to be eligible. The photo taken via Instagram must be posted on Twitter with a) a mention of @havaianasphils and b) the hashtag #FILIPINAS2012 in order to qualify as a raffle entry and must be publicly viewable. 

First Draw: June 15, 2012 will generate 20 winners
Second Draw: June 22, 2012 will generate 20 winners
Third Draw: June 28, 2012 will generate 10 winners

The complete mechanics are found on the Havaianas Philippines Official Fan page here.

Celebrate Independence and Liberate Your Feet with the Havaianas Filipinas 2012 Collection

It’s fresh from the summer season, and it’s the perfect time once again for Havaianas to welcome back its patriotic fashionalism with this year’s Havaianas Filipinas 2012 collection, coming to stores nationwide June 9.

In line with the Havaianas celebration of 50 years of happy fashion, summer, and good memories, the world’s leading flip-flops brand is bringing another reason to inspire Filipino Havaianaticos to celebrate and become stylishly loud and proud with a collection that has become close to their hearts.

Since 2006, Havaianas has honored the Philippines’ rich and colorful culture with its annual Filipinas collection. “Our National Independence Day has significantly inspired the brand to bring pairs that convey stylishly patriotic Havaianas flip-flops," shares Anne Gonzalez, Managing Director of Havaianas Philippines. "This year, what we have in store is a bolder and edgier design in three colors: brown, black and blue. This collection’s style, of course, is aligned with the brand’s much-loved fun and carefree fashion that Filipinos have strongly identified with over the years.” Given that patriotic fashionalism has always been the bright idea behind every Havaianas Filipinas pair, this year’s collection features bold and graphic letters in white and gray, which spell PINAS on its buttery soft soles. Meanwhile, its straps are embellished with rectangular pins thoughtfully created with the Philippine flag’s colors—blue, red, white and yellow.

In keeping with its fun fashion credo, Havaianas Philippines is also spearheading the ”Liberate Your Feet” campaign for the Filipinas collection as a way of going further in sharing national pride. Posters, in three colorful variations, are set up on all All Flip-Flops stores nationwide, along with authorized provincial retailers. By taking an Instagram of the poster from June 6 to 27, a Havaianatico stands a chance to win a Special Havaianas Package. At the promo’s end, 50 winners will be declared (visit for the complete set of mechanics).

Trendy and exciting, Havaianas Filipinas 2012 limited edition collection is definitely crafted to make every Filipino Havaianatico wear and banner their national pride, in literally, the fun-fashionable way.

Havaianas celebrates its 50th year of sharing summer happiness this 2012. Experience the summer vibe that never goes out style with the world’s favorite rubber flip-flops brand. A.L. Amizade Marketing, Inc. is the exclusive sub-distributor of Havaianas in Central and Eastern Visayas. Take part in the Havaianas story and grab a pair now. In Cebu, the Havaianas Filipinas 2012 Collection is available at All Flip Flops Ayala and SM and Rustan’s. Havaianas is also available in Republik, Maribago Bluewater Resort, Abaca Boutique Resort, Walk In Shoppe at the Imperial Palace Lobby, R.O.X Ayala and LYM Virus Boutique, Paseo Saturnino branch. The Havaianas Kid's line is also available at Playpen at the Banilad Town Centre. For more information, check out (PR)

Monday, May 28, 2012


In the past few weeks, we have celebrated our grandmother's 90th birthday, my mom's birthday, my niece's birthday, Mother's Day...
and those were the big moments.

In between and on top of that we had family get-togethers and mini reunions, M's days out, the random night out with friends, playgroups, children's parties, faced some personal battles, gotten busy with work, work, work and even endured another cycle of the common cold. How I wish I could blog more often. But any free time is best spent with the little one and okay fine, catching up with the Gs- Grey's, Game of Thrones and Gossip Girl. Forget the latter. That show jumped the shark a season ago when everyone started dating everyone and their best friends and best friend's partners *cough* Dair *cough*. Gotta still love the fashion though. I digress. Realistically, the best I can do for now and in the interim is post daily photos on instagram (@jajarama).

These last few weeks have felt like a lifetime. But such is life and like I always say, being busy is always a blessing and with each day comes new experiences and learnings. (click on read more)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Havin' A Ball!

I've always thought security blankets were cute. But Manu did not really take to having one. Some time ago, when we brought him to his pediatrician, we noticed him holding tightly to this from the house all the way to the clinic and back, without letting go or dropping it once. Yes, that means he held on to this from the house, in the car, up the stairs to the clinic, while getting his vaccine shot, down the stairs and well, you get the picture. It was the cutest thing really.

Here's a photo of his pedia Dr. Limchiu doing his routine check up. Notice M's right hand.

...still holding on to that ball. Oh on a side note, we finally got him his first flip flops in time for summer. Aren't those baby Havaianas just lovely on my little superman? 

Back to the tale of the traveling balls. He finally let go when we got home, then took another one when we left shortly thereafter for the mall. (click on read more)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

(Finally) Finding Joy in Doing the Groceries

Being a wife and mother is a 24/7 job, no holidays, no weekends off and no overtime pay. It is the most underrated but hardest job in the world and entails utmost commitment and sacrifice. We can only fully understand what our mothers have gone through when we become wives and mothers ourselves. I know that now. No complaints though as the journey and experience per se is just absolutely priceless. The happiness, bliss, laughter, learnings and memorable moments are worth more than any paycheck.

One of the challenges of married life is having to manage the household and keep the household budget in check, just like in any other company. This means having to be always on the lookout for the best value deals for big items on the budget, such as the groceries, especially if you want to save up for the occasional good dinner out, weekend getaway or out of town trip. (click on read more)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tricks of the Trade (Video Version)

It has been a blessedly crazy few weeks at work and at home hence the lack of posts. 

Here's a little quick treat to make up for it.

If you read about Manu's newest trick, check out the video version below. 

And since we can all do with a little more smiles in the world, here's an extra dose of cuteness to get you over hump day.

So which look do you like more- his blue steel or magnum pa-cute or gigil?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wanderlust Can Wait

Sigh. I could be in Japan now with the hubby but decided to prioritize breastfeeding my son (Yes, I am blessed to still be breastfeeding him at a year old and counting. More on that soon). How priorities change when one becomes a mother. It's all for the best though. Wanderlust can wait; A child is only little and needs his mother's milk but for a relatively short time only. So World, I'll see you someday...and even better yet, with a tot in tow with eyes full of wonder. Till then.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tricks of the Trade

At one year old, Manu can...

Wave bye-bye
Give you a flying kiss
Give me five
Take his first few steps
Get off the bed feet first
Act out the song "I have two hands"
Scrunch up his nose 
Sign Milk
Make "Gigil"
Say mama, papa, yaya, ba-loon 
Do Hip Hip Hooray!

and now this:

That's his make "pa-cute" look.

And here's the encore performance


Ah, the joys of motherhood.

Happy Weekend!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Manu's 1st Birthday Carnival

Planning a party is stressful enough. But planning your child's birthday party, and a firstborn's first birthday at that, now well, that's just a whole different level of madness, and just like your very own wedding, you want every detail to be perfect. 

I started planning more than a month back but I hear some parents even plan six months in advance. Having been in marketing for about a decade now, I would like to think doing events comes naturally to me. However, those who know me well enough, dear hubby most especially, know how obsessive I can get when it comes to these things. In anything I put my heart and mind into, I always give it my all and never like doing things half-baked. Add to that merry mix a full-time job/s and being a full-time breastfeeding momma, and it's an even crazier party! 

Suffice to say, stress and frazzled nerves aside, I had the best time planning my son's first birthday. Must give credit to the hubby who chose the theme which was vintage carnival and we took it from there. It was madness alright, but of the best kind. Wish I could do it all over again. (click on read more)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Beginnings

My son turned one, which officially marks his entry into toddlerhood. This ultimately means he is leaving infancy behind with each tentative step he takes.

As all mothers can probably relate, it is a bittersweet feeling. 

And although I look forward to watching him grow, basking in the wonders of being a parent and just being captivated by his very being, I wistfully look back at the past 365 days we shared and even beyond then, from when he was just the size of a poppy seed in my womb, to feeling his first kicks, meeting him for the first time, hearing his first coos, treasuring his first smiles and sleepy grins, to that indescribable feeling of hearing him say ma-ma and so much more.

This made me feel the sudden urge to start something I have long wanted to do way back when I first found out I was pregnant. That familiar feeling of wanting to chronicle every new experience and wonderful discovery resurfaced; that need to take everything in and to somehow, somewhat freeze time.  

Just like how I do not want to miss out on big milestones, fleeting moments and simple joys, so goes the need to celebrate every cherished fond memory of days past...via something that allows for 120 characters and more.

And so begins the journey of never forgetting moments that matter. Thus the birth of a new journey, a new baby- this blog.