Monday, May 28, 2012


In the past few weeks, we have celebrated our grandmother's 90th birthday, my mom's birthday, my niece's birthday, Mother's Day...
and those were the big moments.

In between and on top of that we had family get-togethers and mini reunions, M's days out, the random night out with friends, playgroups, children's parties, faced some personal battles, gotten busy with work, work, work and even endured another cycle of the common cold. How I wish I could blog more often. But any free time is best spent with the little one and okay fine, catching up with the Gs- Grey's, Game of Thrones and Gossip Girl. Forget the latter. That show jumped the shark a season ago when everyone started dating everyone and their best friends and best friend's partners *cough* Dair *cough*. Gotta still love the fashion though. I digress. Realistically, the best I can do for now and in the interim is post daily photos on instagram (@jajarama).

These last few weeks have felt like a lifetime. But such is life and like I always say, being busy is always a blessing and with each day comes new experiences and learnings. (click on read more)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Havin' A Ball!

I've always thought security blankets were cute. But Manu did not really take to having one. Some time ago, when we brought him to his pediatrician, we noticed him holding tightly to this from the house all the way to the clinic and back, without letting go or dropping it once. Yes, that means he held on to this from the house, in the car, up the stairs to the clinic, while getting his vaccine shot, down the stairs and well, you get the picture. It was the cutest thing really.

Here's a photo of his pedia Dr. Limchiu doing his routine check up. Notice M's right hand.

...still holding on to that ball. Oh on a side note, we finally got him his first flip flops in time for summer. Aren't those baby Havaianas just lovely on my little superman? 

Back to the tale of the traveling balls. He finally let go when we got home, then took another one when we left shortly thereafter for the mall. (click on read more)