Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Beginnings

My son turned one, which officially marks his entry into toddlerhood. This ultimately means he is leaving infancy behind with each tentative step he takes.

As all mothers can probably relate, it is a bittersweet feeling. 

And although I look forward to watching him grow, basking in the wonders of being a parent and just being captivated by his very being, I wistfully look back at the past 365 days we shared and even beyond then, from when he was just the size of a poppy seed in my womb, to feeling his first kicks, meeting him for the first time, hearing his first coos, treasuring his first smiles and sleepy grins, to that indescribable feeling of hearing him say ma-ma and so much more.

This made me feel the sudden urge to start something I have long wanted to do way back when I first found out I was pregnant. That familiar feeling of wanting to chronicle every new experience and wonderful discovery resurfaced; that need to take everything in and to somehow, somewhat freeze time.  

Just like how I do not want to miss out on big milestones, fleeting moments and simple joys, so goes the need to celebrate every cherished fond memory of days past...via something that allows for 120 characters and more.

And so begins the journey of never forgetting moments that matter. Thus the birth of a new journey, a new baby- this blog. 



  1. Ja!! I enjoyed every minute of being here! So happy you started this online diary. Think of how Manu will be like when he reads this years from now :-) Always get giddy whenever someone starts a blog and seems like you didn't need my prodding! I think I'm going to be a regular here :-) Cheers to the momentous events of hitting "publish". xoxo

  2. Kris!!! Thank you for making me feel right at home! It's good to have friends like you here. I have a feeling this is going to be an outlet for me and something to go through when I need some perspective. May need a few tips from you on how to navigate through uncharted territory. Will be following you more closely now, Ms. Glamarazzi! Cheers right back xoxo