Saturday, April 14, 2012

(Finally) Finding Joy in Doing the Groceries

Being a wife and mother is a 24/7 job, no holidays, no weekends off and no overtime pay. It is the most underrated but hardest job in the world and entails utmost commitment and sacrifice. We can only fully understand what our mothers have gone through when we become wives and mothers ourselves. I know that now. No complaints though as the journey and experience per se is just absolutely priceless. The happiness, bliss, laughter, learnings and memorable moments are worth more than any paycheck.

One of the challenges of married life is having to manage the household and keep the household budget in check, just like in any other company. This means having to be always on the lookout for the best value deals for big items on the budget, such as the groceries, especially if you want to save up for the occasional good dinner out, weekend getaway or out of town trip. (click on read more)

And that is why Shopwise's smart deals always excite me. Yes. The groceries. They excite me. I'm all about simple joys and thrills. I used to dread having to go do the groceries and would only do so once a month. But I've learned how to enjoy it. Especially with Shopwise opening practically in our backyard. Apart from the location, literally being one minute away from our house, the selection of items is superb, it being a hypermarket- so you get home accessories, gadgets, clothes, toys, wet and dry goods all under one roof. Plus, since it is owned and operated by Rustan Supercenters, we are assured of the best quality, value and freshness.

Ongoing now until tomorrow, April 15, is their Bullseye Weekend. There are a lot of items on promotion already but we will be going tomorrow for the Payday Giveaway treat. They're giving away half a dozen eggs for a minimum purchase receipt of P500- and I love eggs for breakfast, from omelets to (attempted) eggs benedict to sunny side ups over garlic rice or French toast.

So yes, yay to doing the groceries! and being able to bring your kid along for the (shopping cart) ride.

Which deal below excites you the most? That 12 megapixel Digital Camera for P2,499 is such a steal!

From Shopwise by Rustan Supercenters' press release:


Ready, aim, buy!  From April 13-15, set your sights on amazing Buy One Take One offers and the sharpest deals that is right on the money exclusively at Shopwise by Rustan Supercenters Inc.

Easy targets and perfect for summer are tankini tops and ladies’ board shorts for only P79 each. Get trigger-happy with a 12 megapixel GE Digicam with 4GB card, yours for an unbeatable price of P2,499, and shoot those priceless memories with family, friends and colleagues. For the home or outings, portable round colored stools are on a buy one take one offer for P199 only. As a special weekend treat, avail of wise buy one take one deals on fresh Cream Dory Prime fish at P259, Fried Chicken Cut-ups at P199/kilo and buy one take one on Canadian Bacon 200g pack at P149. Other smart deals to aim for are buy one take on a 520ml Proguard Olive Handwash for P115 and buy three 240ml Del Monte Fiber Enriched and get a 240ml Pineapple juice free for P70.50.

What’s more, on April 15 for one day only, Shopwise is giving away half a dozen eggs for free when customers purchase a minimum of P500 worth of items in a single receipt at the hypermarket. This Payday Giveaway treat happens every 15th and 30th or 31st of the month and is limited to one free giveaway per customer, receipt and day regardless of total purchase amount. A different item is given away every period.

At Shopwise, one gets the best value and quality with everyday great deals, big savings and promotions on a complete selection of fresh goods, groceries, clothes, toys and home accessories.

While shopping, one can also take a break and enjoy the delectable dishes from any of the food stations within the hypermarket from rice bowls cooked just that you like it at the Mongolian Stir Fry Station to a selection of hotdogs, burgers and flavored fries at the 50s style diner called the Soda Fountain, fresh greens and vegetables at the Salad Station and kuchinta, sapin sapin and other native desserts at Kakanin. Fresh breads, pastries, doughnuts and full meals are also available at the Bakery and Hot Foods section, respectively.

Shopwise is the pioneer of the hypermarket concept in the Philippines and its Cebu branch is located along N. Bacalso Avenue, Basak San Nicolas.  It is open daily from 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. and offers a wide array of quality merchandise at affordable prices, fast and friendly service and a fun-filled shopping experience. Shopwise Cebu is owned and operated by Rustan Supercenters, Inc. (RSCI). For updates and promotions, visit, and

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